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Are you ready to build an investment portfolio?

Our investing is focused on you.

Our clients are a diverse group; we work with individuals of various backgrounds with varied needs. We design portfolios with these specific needs and considerations in mind, giving you financial independence to pursue your goals. Using independent and objective analysis, we provide transparent financial consulting and investment services to individuals, retirement plans, corporations, and trusts. We also provide guidance on other financial decisions, especially at pivotal moments in life such as divorce and widowhood.

Our strategy is easy to understand.

We use values-based investing principles and our 35 years of experience to create individualized portfolios to reach your financial goals and weather market cycles. The strategies we employ are based on our desire for each client to know where their money is invested. If there is ever any confusion about a decision, we provide financial education to help our clients understand how their investments are designed to meet their personal needs. 

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Our Investment Philosophy

  1. We are fiduciaries; we act in your best interests.

  2. Investing is an ongoing process, not a product.

  3. We buy shares of stock which represent ownership in a company.

  4. Compounding is the secret sauce of investing. We focus on both qualitative and quantitative factors to allow compounding to work.

  5. Volatility is not the same as risk. Price is used as a tool to determine if there is a margin of safety. The underlying characteristics usually do not vary as much as the stock price.

  6. Portfolio management is the creation of a portfolio which can sustain market unpredictability.

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