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Today, more than ever, it is important that you have a crystal-clear picture of your investments. We are dedicated to using independent and objective analysis to provide transparent financial consulting and investment management services which are uniquely customized to meet the personalized needs of individuals, retirement plans, corporations and trusts. We work with you to increase your understanding of investments and implement the strategies that make the most sense for your situation.


Graf Financial is a registered investment advisor that is compensated by management fees based on the value of the investments under management. Our method of compensation is advantageous to you because compensation derived from an ongoing management fee makes the investment decision independent of commission-based transactions.


Providing transparent, independent, objective wealth management services.


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Graf Financial LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor with its principal place of business in the State of Louisiana. Graf Financial is registered in Louisiana and Texas. Graf Financial may only transact business in those states in which it is registered, or qualifies for an exemption or exclusion from registration requirements. Any subsequent, direct communication by Graf Financial with a prospective client shall be conducted by a representative that is either registered or qualifies for an exemption or exclusion from registration in the state where the prospective client resides.

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